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An ongoing list of the minor Sci-Fi characters that might pop up in memories and/or missions.





She was a medical doctor/scientist in The Underground's hospital wing. Her husband was Duncan (Derrick); her children were Samir (Weasley) and Yasmine (Weasley). She had a cheery and playful personality, which easily rivaled that of her husband, and together they were known as 'the prank squad', trying to cheer up their weary comrades, usually with much success. She was close friends with Layla.[[1]] and Ciaran.

While she was a telempath, none of her children received her abilities; instead, they all received the psionic powers of her husband, which eventually did spiral out of control, consuming parts of their bodies. She unsuccesfully sought for a cure to halt this process.

With Layla, she also sought for a way to introduce captured Alliance soldiers into their society by extensive reprogramming; the intended result was never achieved. [[2]] Despite their failure, her husband was proud of her attempt, saying that 'it was about time someone attempted another approach'. All in all, their attempt was frowned upon by the Council of Elders, but since the Commander didn't seem to mind, they all put it to rest.

After she and her family were captured by the Alliance as they tried to flee to New Orleans, which was a neutral city, she died at the hands of a scientist, only hours after her capture as her family was made to watch.

PB : Marg Helgenberger.


Andy was a clone of an Altered, destined to infiltrate into The Underground. See [The Clones] for more information.

He at first claimed, that he'd finally managed to escape out of one of the facilities run by the Alliance, and so, managed to worm his way inside, succesfully relaying information to the enemy, until Ashtar (Weasley) looked up records of Andy, and found out that the real version, had lived sixty years ago, and had been captured by the Alliance. He would have been 'terminated' instantly, hadn't Erol stepped in, and ordered him to be 'reprogrammed' to who he had been. This brought both Andy and Erol into even more discredit in the council of Elders, but Andy proved to be invaluable when it came obtaining the inner blueprints of the various bases and the inner workings of the Alliance. Eventually, he was adopted by Erol as his son. He was mostly kept away from battles themselves,but helped to plan them with Ashtar and Erol.

He would eventually succumb to the degeneration disease, shortly before Erol himself did.

PB: Norman Reedus.


Ciaran and his wife.


Ciaran was the son of Layla's brother, but was quickly adopted by Samir (Weasley) as his cousin; the rest followed his example. Ciaran had never been a fighter at heart, but became one through revenge. He was a fully trained illusionist; he had the ability to create and project illusions to others. Despite so many others, Ciaran never had been captured by the Alliance, so his powers were inherited from his father, and not added on by scientists.

He mostly prefered to keep away from battle, and chose to train grunts instead, but at times he did join the others on the battlefield, mostly to create the illusions that their forces were larger than those of the enemy. But as times grew more desperate, he joined them on the battlefield more often, despite the fact that he had a wife, and a child on the way.

When a large scale attack was performed on The Underground, Ciaran lost his pregnant wife, Dominique, and in the aftermath, sought out Duncan's company, constantly questioning the true need of this war, and the leader's abilities just to 'let go'.

He finally did participate in the winning last battle of the Millennia war, but died before he could fully see the result of peace: he succumbed to the degeneration disease.

In an alternate timeline, he died in the battle itself, as he was not in the vicinity of Samir's extended force field as the bullets hit him.

PB : Nathan Fillion



Layla, Erol's deceased wife, and Hugh's mother

Where her husband Erol (Snape) was fierce and dangerous, Layla was warm and kindhearted, and refused to participate in the Millennia War. True to her bhuddist beliefs, Layla never touched a weapon, and wished for her son Hugh (Snape) to do the same, something that didn't come true due to various circumstances.

Layla often spent time 'cleaning up' behind her husband, offering apologies for his actions. When Erol had broken the rules once more, she offered the Council her reasonings to explain his actions. She was the wall between Erol and the Council, trying to keep them from clashing any further.

When Layla was offered the opportunity to go to New Orleans, which was a neutral city not in the reach of The Alliance, she took the offer to go there with her son, hoping that her husband was soon to follow them; she was killed as The Alliance attacked the evacuees; her son Hugh was taken to their base.


She was active as a volunteer in the hospital wing, and also in the prison wing, which housed captured Alliance soldiers, offering them food and drink when no one else would, and often fought with her husband when it came to those prisoners. She maintained the belief that they also had the right to live, and that they should be offered a place in The Underground, after having been reprogrammed. But no matter how she presented her offer to her husband, he always refused, until she took the matter into her own hands; the result was Donovan.

And her experiment was at first succesful; besides her and Adhara, nobody knew that Donovan was in fact a former Alliance soldier, and even Erol came to trust him in time. But after he'd been brought out to the battle ground, despite Layla's strict wishes, Donovan began to remember his true 'life', upon which Layla and Adhara reluctantly admitted to Erol that it had been their doing. Donovan was killed immediately after Erol understood what his wife had done,but also immediately forgave his wife and her accomplice, saying that life was too short to be angry at his loved ones.

PB: Renee O'Connor.

Cooper Hawkes


Cooper Hawkes

Cooper Hawkes was a second generation clone.

Cooper Hawkes was designed and gestated at the Philadelphia facility. After nearly being hung Cooper was found defending himself from the thugs that tried to kill him. Still with the noose around his neck he was stunned and arrested for aggrivated assault. The judge was 'lenient' on him and sentenced him to a term in the Marine Corps. During boot training Hawkes made friends with only one person: Pags. During the training mission to Mars Pags was killed. Hawkes has now sworn vengence against those who killed the only person that was nice to him.

Hawkes has crush on Vansen but does not know how to socialize with people very well. He is envious West since he seems to be the major competion for Vansen's affections but they get along alike brothers. Prior to joining the military Hawkes escaped from "The Program" by killing a Monitor. The Program was supposedly disbanded but it seems to have existed beyond its official closure -- training killers. He has a problem with authority but will do the right thing. In Mutiny he killed 168 In_Vitros (including his 'sister') in order to save the humans onboard from the chigs. Hawkes has become interested in finding out about his genetic siblings.

PB: Rodney Rownland

The Alliance


Leader of the Alliance on 'Earth that was left behind' and secret clone and Altered.


Edan, as the Sci-Fi's know him by name, is the self-appointed leader of the Alliance on Earth-that-was. He was one of the many Leaders that lead the Alliance in various countries, and tried to put the Altered under their heel, and to destroy them for once and all, with mixed results.

As far as the Altered were concerned, Edan never did age. And he never really did, as he ordered his scientists to keep clones of him around, and to reprogram them with his memories and personality, so that if he would die, 'he never really would be gone'. Edan, the almighty leader of the Alliance, was a clone, and this was a closely guarded secret.

Because of this, he and his clones have seen several generations of Commanders of The Undergrounds come and go; for example, Adrian, Erol, Ashtar and Hugh. What for the Altered is a complete lifetime, from the cradle to the grave, is for Edan only twenty to thirty years, tops. He also ordered his scientists to give him altered abilities that would match those of his enemies, but without the degeneration disease, for which he was eventually was rendered immune.

He enjoyed the war, and did anything to provoke the current Commanders into action; the only ones who he never had called 'hotheaded', were Erol (Snape) and Hugh (Snape). He called them his most formidable enemies up to date; and had predicted, that if this war ever going to know an definitive end, it would be at the hand of one of them. And his prediction came true; Hugh would effectively end the Millennia War.

PB : Christian Bale.

The Clones

Clones have a not so very distinct appearance; you need to watch for the 'clues'. For the most part, they look exactly like the original, and possess all the memories of so said person, but one thing is missing; their belly-button. On clones, they are on the back of their necks.

Cloned people, usually are Altered of formidable power and skill, such as Erol (Snape), who had the ability to generate a destructive earthquake. Cooper Hawkes is the second generation of clones, Erol is the very last. Despite that thousand of years have passed since Cooper Hawkes was cloned from Frank Mulciber, the process has not changed much; only speeded up.

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